Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Before you consider Direct Sales, ask yourself these questions

  It can be the start of a new year, or the start of a new day. You want something new. You feel something missing in your life. Would you enjoy setting your own flexible schedule, expanding your social network, being mentored, taking on leadership roles, spending more quality time with your family, participating in new activities, getting products/services at discounted prices, or even earning extra funds? These are all characteristics of a Direct Selling opportunity.
   Over the past twenty years, Direct Selling has transformed into a very diverse career field. The Direct Sellers Association DSA shares a descriptive, 2 minute video about the Direct Selling Retail Channel. There are many aspects to look at before jumping into action. The following questions are far from the only ones to think about, but it is a great start.

   First, which BUSINESS characteristics might appeal to you?
Is it a party plan where you you share products/services in a group setting? Is it a person-to-person strategy where you utilize personalized approaches? Is there inventory to maintain? How are deliveries made? Is it virtual?

   Second, which PRODUCT characteristics appeal to you?
Do you use a favorite product? Are you curious about a product? Is there a product or business guarantee? Is the product/service consumable?

   Third, what pre-requisites do you need to start the business?
What is the enrollment kit cost? Do you have time to save up? Can you start right away? How do you enroll? Who will you sign up with? Is there on-the-job training?

  If you think you are ready to join the millions of Americans involved in Direct Selling, I applaud you. Here are 156 Direct Seller companies that are part of the DSA. It is a great place to start researching. I only ask you to be wary of your Google research. Know who is writing the article and what purpose and intent it has. Are they a disgruntled ex-seller who thought it would be a get-rich quick business? Is it the CEO of a company bragging on itself? Is it a beauty site that is actually getting paid to review a product? Is it a top 10 or 100 list based on facts? Is the resource trusted?

   Good luck on your exciting journey to make a change in your life. I will be sharing more business tips in future articles, and you can subscribe to receive notifications via email. Here's to you and your new challenge!

Product/Service Category: 
 Air Filters/Air Filtration Systems
 Animal/Pet Care
 Bed and Bath
 Benefits Packages
 Brokerage Services
 Candles/Candle Accessories
 Coffee/Tea/Specialty Beverages
 Crafts/Craft Supplies
 Educational Materials
 Fashion Accessories
 Financial Services
 Food/Gourmet Items
 Garden Accessories
 Group Buying Service
 Haircare/Hair Accessories
 Holiday Decorations
 Home Accessories/D├ęcor
 Home Appliances
 Home Technology
 House and Kitchenwares
 Internet Services
 Legal Services
 Nutritional Supplements
 Oral Hygiene
 Party Supplies
 Personal Care
 Photography/Photo Processing
 Real Estate Services
 Religious Books/Gifts
 Rubber Stamps
 Scrapbooking/Photo Albums
 Security Systems/Devices
 Spa Products
 Sporting Goods
 Stationery/Paper Products
 Telecommunications Services
 Vacuum Cleaners
 Water Treatment Systems
 Weight Management
 Wine/Wine Accessories

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